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Free Kindergarten and First Grade Worksheets and Activities

Are you ready for a bunch of FREE kindergarten and first grade worksheets and activities?! I have compiled a list of my favorite 100% free math, reading, and writing resources for kids!

All you do is download and print :) So please sit back, scroll, and find some awesome new pages for your students or child... enjoy!

Let's start at the very beginning of phonics instruction after teaching letter sounds... Short A!

Here are some easy and fun Free Short A Clip Cards! All kids do is read the word in the middle of the card then put a clip on the correct picture. Fast, fun, easy reading practice. I absolutely love clip cards and made them for pretty much every phonics sound :) 

Free short a activities - adorable clip cards for reading CVC words practice!

I have an absolutely massive post showing all the fun ideas I love for teaching Short A if you want more cute ideas for short vowels! It is packed with pictures and tips! 

Another fun activity I love to do for every sound are my Secret Word worksheets! I made a set of Free Short A Secret Word Worksheets that you can grab. I absolutely love them! 

How they work: Kids cut out the letters and then use them to build each picture. THEN, they'll have letters left that they unscramble to figure out the secret word! So. much. fun. Like I said, I have these for every sound because they're such a fun activity!

For practice writing words with short A word families - I made a little book for each word family and have this cute -at word family book for free! Kids look at the picture on each page, read the word, and then write it on the lines. You can also have them write a sentence using the word to differentiate for your kids who are ready for sentences! :)

Free short a books with pictures for each word for kids to color and then write easy sentences on the lines

That book is from a big bundle of short vowel word family books! :) 

I also made little books like this for each phonics sound in a big bundle so I have this fun Free SH Digraph Little Book as a free sample too!

Free digraph book

Speaking of phonics, I have a few little packs you can download! Each of these is a type of worksheet I typically put in my no prep phonics packs. I use consistent activities throughout my packs so all you have to do each week is hand them the worksheet with the new sound since they know how to do it already, so if you use my no prep packs for other sounds, then you'll recognize these! :)

Free Bossy R worksheets

These Free Bossy R worksheets are super simple! Students trace the provided letters and then fill in the missing letters to complete the word. Then, they write the word they created on the lines below and color the picture. There are several levels, including a level where students simply trace the word (without any missing letters) for super easy differentiation to meet every little reader where they're at. :) If you've poked around here at all my posts of ideas, you know I care a lot about differentiating so that all kids feel successful but challenged, so you'll notice that a lot of my activities will have multiple levels...

Which is especially important in kindergarten and first grade since some phonics sounds are so tricky! This makes it very important for these hard reading concepts to be FUN and engaging. The pictures make them a lot more engaging while also providing support for young readers so you'll probably also notice that I use a lot of pictures, especially for difficult and/or complex sounds.

A great example of a relatively difficult, complex phonics skill is...

Reading words with the Vowel Sounds of Y! 

Free Phonics Worksheet Vowel Sounds of Y

This is another tricky concept... although probably not as tricky as Bossy R! This Free Sounds of Y Worksheet is a super quick and easy way to introduce the concept.

Kids sort each picture as to whether the Y in the word says the Y sound (yarn), the E sound (bunny), or the I sound (fly).

It also comes in a black and white version like the pages in my no prep packs so kids can color the pictures. All the pages in my no prep packs are black and white so that they're... well, no prep :) 

Speaking of no prep... I LOVE no prep activities for every subject... including writing!

This is one of my favorite writing prompts - If I Met an Alien! I love how creative kids get with their stories :)

Free writing prompts for first grade

This page is from my big pack of Space Writing Crafts if you want more for that theme BUT this exact craft is one of THREE super adorable crafts you can get for free (woohoo!) in my Free Back to School Writing Crafts pack! I hope you love them!

I just wrote about how to use these fun NO PREP writing crafts in my How to Make Writing Fun for 1st Graders article that shows how easy and awesome these are to make! That post shows the 4 easy steps to making these and how you literally only have to hit print to create beautiful crafts to put on your bulletin board. I think you'll love these and I'm so excited to be able to give you 3 of them for a ton of fun, free writing time!

I also have a free set of Valentine's Day Writing Crafts for seasonal fun! I also have these in Spanish!

Free Valentine's Day crafts

These make such a cute and easy activity to do for Valentine's Day! I show a few more pictures of them in my February Writing Prompts post if you want more fun writing ideas for February!

Another holiday I have a cute free item for is my Free Christmas No Prep Worksheets Pack!

Free Christmas Worksheets for first grade! Easy and cute reading and writing printables kids can do in December!

It comes with super cute Santa writing paper in a few levels, as well as reading activities like putting Christmas words in ABC order and reading simple sentences. I hope you love them!

I don't show them in my big December Writing Crafts post since they're not writing crafts but that post has a lot more fun Christmas activities if you want to see more Christmas themed writing ideas. That post has A LOT of ideas for writing prompts you can do if you need easy December craft ideas. 

Plus, it shows "If Santa Rode the Bus" which is one of my absolute favorite creative writing activities... and it's so fun to do it again in March for "If a Leprechaun Rode the Bus" which you can see in my March Writing Activities and Bossy R Activities post. Those 2 prompts are just too adorable with the silly things kids come up with that I couldn't not mention them! :)

For more seasonal fun, I love these Free Snowman Math Fact Family Worksheets!

Free Snowman Math Worksheets Fact Families Activity

Okay so this isn't really a worksheet or activity BUT it is SO helpful for 1st grade and kindergarten classrooms! Do you have kids hand you the most random objects that don't have a home?? Make an "I'm Lost!" bin!

Classroom labels free printables

This free classroom label is from my 20 Classroom Management Strategies You Can Use Right Away article! There are some more fun downloads in that post too :) 

You could also use this at home for anything kids find on the floor that they're not sure where it belongs. Way more helpful than bringing it to you when you're in the middle of doing something like cooking. It allows kids to be a bit more independent while cleaning up while also giving you the space to find the object's home at a time when you're less busy. It actually makes a cute lesson to put all the items in the bucket away together in a batch so they learn where they can put each thing the next time they find it, so it's a very teachable situation too :) Putting away the items is a fun thing you can do together and you can do it at a time when you have the energy to express appreciation for them having picked it up - sometimes it's hard to do that when they hand you a random hair tie while you're stirring spaghetti sauce, so this lets them handle those situations on their own and then allows space for you to get to it when you can give it your attention. I just love this handy little bucket if you can't tell! The lotion label in that post is also a favorite label of mine for the classroom or for at home.

Some more fun and FREE kindergarten and first grade items I have available:

Okay, I think that's all I'll show for now! I may add to this post so feel free to check back for more free kindergarten and first grade worksheets and activities. I hope you were able to grab a bunch of fun new resources to use in your classroom or with your child at home!

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Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you love all of the new resources!


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