Teaching children to read is one of the greatest things in the world. Ever.

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I also have a lot of literacy resources that I LOVE.

Some of my packs are year long sets of an activity and I also have entire packs dedicated to a specific phonics sound. I also have skill-based packs. I'm obsessed with helping children learn how to read and, most important, love to read.

Packs for Specific Phonics Sounds:

                         Short A Pack                         Short E Pack                         Short I Pack

                                                Short O Pack                        Short U Pack

A bundle of all of the short vowel packs is currently available {HERE}!

                         Long A Pack                          Long I Pack                         Long O Pack

A bundle of all of the long vowel packs is currently available {HERE}!

Digraph CH worksheets and activities no prep pack 
               Digraphs SH & TH Pack           Digraph CH Pack                  Digraph WH Pack             

S Blends worksheets and activities no prep pack
                        R Blends Pack                      L Blends Pack                       S Blends Pack

                                           Ending Blends Pack         Double Consonants Pack

                        AI & AY Pack                       EE & EA Pack                        OA & OW Pack

                                      Vowel Sounds of Y Pack              OU & OW Pack

                            AR Pack                               OR Pack                           ER IR UR Pack         

                           OO Pack                            OI & OY Pack                      AU & AW Pack

                       IE & IGH Pack                     EW UI UE Pack                        CK Pack

      KN GN WR Pack           Three Letter Blends Pack

Soft G Pack                          Soft C Pack

And more are on the way!!! I plan on having a pack for every phonics sound!

If you want ALL of these Phonics No Prep Packs, I have them in 2 giant bundles for you:

These are just a couple of the yearlong phonics sets I have available:

                         Secret Word Literacy Station                      Phonics Picture Worksheets

I also have a lot of little mini packs for specific literacy skills:

                           Contractions                                                      Compound Words

Multiple meaning words         Blends puzzles   
                     Multiple Meaning Words                                            Beginning Blends

Prefixes        Suffixes
                                     Prefixes                                                               Suffixes

Homophones        CVC words roll center
                               Homophones                                                          CVC Words

and so, so many more!

If you enjoy my resources, make sure you follow me on TpT so you see when I post new resources :)


Unknown said...

How do I get a copy of Roll a Pie Chart. I can't find it on TPT.

Miss Giraffe said...

All the activities I show in the teaching graphing post here:
are in the first grade graphing math unit here:
I hope you love it if you get it! :)

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