Teaching children to read is one of the greatest things in the world. Ever.

I have a lot of literacy resources that I LOVE.

Some of my packs are year long sets of an activity and I also have entire packs dedicated to a specific phonics sound. I also have skill-based packs. I'm obsessed with helping children learn how to read and, most important, love to read.

Packs for Specific Phonics Sounds:

                         Short A Pack                         Short E Pack                         Short I Pack

                                                Short O Pack                        Short U Pack

A bundle of all of the short vowel packs is currently available {HERE}!

                         Long A Pack                          Long I Pack                         Long O Pack

A bundle of all of the long vowel packs is currently available {HERE}!

Digraph CH worksheets and activities no prep pack 
               Digraphs SH & TH Pack           Digraph CH Pack                  Digraph WH Pack             

S Blends worksheets and activities no prep pack
                        R Blends Pack                      L Blends Pack                       S Blends Pack

                                           Ending Blends Pack         Double Consonants Pack

                        AI & AY Pack                       EE & EA Pack                        OA & OW Pack

                                      Vowel Sounds of Y Pack              OU & OW Pack

                            AR Pack                               OR Pack                           ER IR UR Pack         

                           OO Pack                            OI & OY Pack                      AU & AW Pack

                       IE & IGH Pack                     EW UI UE Pack                        CK Pack

And more are on the way!!! I plan on having a pack for every phonics sound!

These are just a couple of the yearlong phonics sets I have available:

                         Secret Word Literacy Station                      Phonics Picture Worksheets

The majority of my yearlong phonics sets can be found in the following bundles:

I also have other little mini packs for specific literacy skills:

                           Contractions                                                      Compound Words

Multiple meaning words         Blends puzzles   
                     Multiple Meaning Words                                            Beginning Blends

Prefixes        Suffixes
                                     Prefixes                                                               Suffixes

Homophones        CVC words roll center
                               Homophones                                                          CVC Words

and more!


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