Friday, April 24, 2015

Sight Words Practice with Magnet Letters

Hey guys! You may remember my Secret Sight Words post from awhile back where I showed you my sight word activity cards where students build the sight words with bottle caps with letters written on them. There are 335 different sight word cards included so it should cover all of the sight words for at least kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. I still love using bottle caps (and dry erase markers) but I think it's fun to switch it up and I'd love to show you how I'm using them now.....

I bought some alphabet magnets and they fit peeerfectly in the boxes! I love switching things up every so often and these have been a lot of fun! 

If you want these sight word cards, they are in my TpT store here: Secret Sight Words

I also have a Secret Sight Words pack with sign language which is also in my TpT store here:

I love incorporating sign language into word reading! Kids love learning sign language, even in kindergarten and first grade, so these are really fun motivators to practice sight words. I also include a sign language alphabet chart so they know which sign is what letter. I recommend having them sign the sight words to themselves or others after they build them - it really builds the learning! Plus you'll be shocked how quick they pick up the alphabet from doing this activity... you might find them signing the words on the word wall, words around the classroom, their name, your name, their friends' names, etc. - keeps them practicing reading/words/learning all day long :)

Speaking of names, I actually make these cards CUSTOM for the students' names in your class.
Kids love working with their own names and their friends' names too. When you order the Secret Names {Custom For Your Class List}, you send me your class list and I make 2 cards for each kid: beginning sounds and sign language. Your kids will love it!!

EDIT: I'm not currently making these custom name ones but I'll most likely announce on my Facebook or Instagram if I do open up orders to these again so make sure you're following me in those places.. and also follow me on TeachersPayTeachers if you have a second while you're at it! 

I try to post different things in the different places so people who follow me on all the platforms see different content and ideas. 

The Secret Names pack DOES already include over 800 names, though, so the names you need might already be included in there. You can ask me if the name(s) you want are in there if you want. :) It's so fun for kids to get to build their names!

Anyway, I have these for soo many phonics sounds now! You can grab a lot of phonics sets AND the sight words set in the Secret Words Bundle! I also put the sign language versions in a bundle here: Sign Language Secret Words Bundle so there are a ton of words to choose from! 

If you want more fun ideas for teaching Sight Words, also check out my Sight Word Sentences Fun Ideas and Centers post! :)

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