Rainbow Drawers Cart

Rainbow drawers cart - a beautiful, ROYGBIV expression of classroom organization and teacher happiness. Am I being dramatic? Maybe :) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my rainbow drawers carts. They're on wheels so I can move them easily, they hold a ton of paper, they're easy to slide the drawers in and out, and well, they're pretty.

I constantly get asked where I got them from! This is an affiliate link so I get commission at no extra cost to you but I just wanted to let you know :)

Get them here: Rainbow Drawers

Rainbow drawers cart on wheels is perfect for classroom organization to store reading centers, math centers, or anything students use - I love these!

Seriously, are they not just so pretty? I have 3 of them! 

You can use them for so many things! I love putting centers in them like this:

These rainbow drawers are perfect for storing math centers, literacy centers, anything! They're beautiful and perfect for classroom organization - check out how she uses them!

These are my Thanksgiving activities that you can see in this post:

I put seasonal centers in the middle drawers as you can see! Check out pictures of some of my seasonal centers by month in these posts: 

For the left set of rainbow drawers, I put reading centers like the activities from my Phonics No Prep packs for each week and materials for phonics fluency notebooks

I have these activities for almost all of the phonics sounds but I wrote a few posts showing examples using a specific sound if you want to see the type of reading centers I put in the left side:
Like I said, the things you see in those posts I have for all the short vowels, long vowels, vowel teams, R controlled vowels, etc. so if you like it, I probably have it for the sound you're looking for too!

The right hand side has math centers and activities! I have a ton of blog posts showing my math activities in action for various concepts like place value, building number sense, telling time, fractions, adding 3 numbers, etc. - if you go to my MATH page, just click on the math concept you want to see ideas for! 

I hope that helps answer the question I get often of how I use my rainbow drawers! It's pretty simple. I'm thinking of getting a 4th one to hold colored copy paper by color or possibly construction paper because I go through a lot of construction paper.

Do you use these rainbow drawers carts in your classroom? I'd love to hear how you use them in the comments below!


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