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Teaching Halves Fourths Thirds and Eighths Worksheets and Activities

Fun Ideas for Teaching Halves, Fourths (Quarters), Thirds, and Eighths! Example worksheets and activities to show you engaging, colorful ways to learn fractions!

Fractions Halves Fourths Thirds and Eighths Worksheets that are so cute and fun to practice shapes!

I love learning about fractions so I wanted to take a moment to show you some of my favorite worksheets for practicing halves, fourths, thirds, and eighths!

I personally think it's nice to have an individual worksheet for each kind that is super visual.

For example, an entire worksheet that only practices eighths.

Eighths worksheet to practice dividing a shape into eight equal parts for fun fractions practice!

See how they are only practicing situations where you're dividing a shape into 8 equal parts? This will give them a TON of practice for the concept. They'll circle shapes that show eighths, color in one eighth of each shape, AND also partition shapes themselves into eighths! This is so many fractions skills all in one sheet and, because it is so visual, it will really help them see what an eighth looks like.

Eighths Worksheet Fractions 2nd grade

This is what you'll want the worksheet to look like when they've completed it.

I recommend starting with Halves since most kids know what a half of something is. :) 

Halves worksheet to practice half of (fourth of also included!) by circling, coloring, and partitioning shapes! Perfect for first grade fractions or any younger kids learning equal parts

Have students complete the worksheet until it looks like this. They can use markers and crayons to make it more fun! 

Half of fourth of worksheets activities for first grade 2nd or kindergarten practice of dividing shapes into equal parts

Have extra copies in case they want to redo any part of it. You could also put this in sheet protectors so they can use a dry erase marker they can easily wipe off.

If you teach first grade, then you'll probably only use the half of and fourth of worksheets with most of your class. Here's the Fourths worksheet if you want to see it!

Fourths worksheet fractions first grade activities for equal parts of shapes

To teach fourths, tell students you cut a shape in half. Then cut it in half again. This is a SUPER fun lesson to teach with dough! Check out my big Fractions in First Grade blog post with tons of ideas for teaching fractions if you haven't seen the way I recommend using dough to introduce fractions! :)

I also have a Quarters version of this worksheet for those of you who would rather refer to them as quarters.

I also included worksheets for Thirds since some first grade teachers also teach thirds. Also, I know a lot of 2nd grade and older teachers use my materials despite them technically being "first grade" since I heavily differentiate so, "big kid" teachers, these are for you too! :)

Fraction Thirds Worksheets

If your students are ready, I totally recommend teaching thirds! You could save it for your advanced math group if you teach small groups too! 

It helps solidify their understanding of equal parts when they see halves are 2 equal parts, fourths are 4 equal parts, and thirds are 3 equal parts to keep reinforcing that vocabulary.

If you want to keep stretching your first graders (or you teach an older grade), you can also try the Eighths worksheet! If you do the dough lesson, it's really fun for students to try to cut the dough into 8 equal parts! 

Eighths Worksheet Fractions 2 empty shapes

Once you feel like your students have grasped each fraction type, start using worksheets that mix the types! :) This is a fun one!

Color by Fractions Half Fourth Third Of

Anyway! I wanted to show you a couple worksheets from my big First Grade Math Unit 18 all about Fractions. All of these worksheets are included in my fractions unit, as well as A LOT more fun, differentiated worksheets and matching games (and assessments!) to learn fractions.

The big Fractions in First Grade blog post  I mentioned shows more pictures of the activities in that unit if you want to check it out more! blog post! If you don't teach first grade, I think you'll still find a bunch of fun ideas for your kids! All of the activities I show in that post are also in Unit 18 with these worksheets.

If you are new to teaching first grade, I highly recommend New to First Grade? Everything You Need to Know! If you're not new to first grade but teach K-2, I think it's still a great post whether you've been teaching 2 or 20 years! I packed it with info and I think it's always fun to see how someone else does/organizes thing!

I have a ton of math, phonics, classroom management, writing, and more fun blog posts if you want to keep browsing! I love sharing tips and ideas. You can see my favorite blog posts organized here! :) Look under MATH to see more fun math posts!

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