Teaching Halves Fourths Thirds and Eighths Worksheets and Activities

Fun Ideas for Teaching Halves, Fourths (Quarters), Thirds, and Eighths! Example worksheets and activities to show you engaging, colorful ways to learn fractions!

Fractions Halves Fourths Thirds and Eighths Worksheets that are so cute and fun to practice shapes!

I love learning about fractions so I wanted to take a moment to show you some of my favorite worksheets for practicing halves, fourths, thirds, and eighths!

I personally think it's nice to have an individual worksheet for each kind that is super visual.

For example, an entire worksheet that only practices eighths.

Eighths worksheet to practice dividing a shape into eight equal parts for fun fractions practice!

See how they are only practicing situations where you're dividing a shape into 8 equal parts? This will give them a TON of practice for the concept. They'll circle shapes that show eighths, color in one eighth of each shape, AND also partition shapes themselves into eighths! This is so many fractions skills all in one sheet and, because it is so visual, it will really help them see what an eighth looks like.

Eighths Worksheet Fractions 2nd grade

This is what you'll want the worksheet to look like when they've completed it.

I recommend starting with Halves since most kids know what a half of something is. :) 

Halves worksheet to practice half of (fourth of also included!) by circling, coloring, and partitioning shapes! Perfect for first grade fractions or any younger kids learning equal parts

Have students complete the worksheet until it looks like this. They can use markers and crayons to make it more fun! 

Half of fourth of worksheets activities for first grade 2nd or kindergarten practice of dividing shapes into equal parts

Have extra copies in case they want to redo any part of it. You could also put this in sheet protectors so they can use a dry erase marker they can easily wipe off.

If you teach first grade, then you'll probably only use the half of and fourth of worksheets with most of your class. Here's the Fourths worksheet if you want to see it!

Fourths worksheet fractions first grade activities for equal parts of shapes

To teach fourths, tell students you cut a shape in half. Then cut it in half again. This is a SUPER fun lesson to teach with dough! Check out my big Fractions in First Grade blog post with tons of ideas for teaching fractions if you haven't seen the way I recommend using dough to introduce fractions! :)

I also have a Quarters version of this worksheet for those of you who would rather refer to them as quarters.

I also included worksheets for Thirds since some first grade teachers also teach thirds. Also, I know a lot of 2nd grade and older teachers use my materials despite them technically being "first grade" since I heavily differentiate so, "big kid" teachers, these are for you too! :)

Fraction Thirds Worksheets

If your students are ready, I totally recommend teaching thirds! You could save it for your advanced math group if you teach small groups too! 

It helps solidify their understanding of equal parts when they see halves are 2 equal parts, fourths are 4 equal parts, and thirds are 3 equal parts to keep reinforcing that vocabulary.

If you want to keep stretching your first graders (or you teach an older grade), you can also try the Eighths worksheet! If you do the dough lesson, it's really fun for students to try to cut the dough into 8 equal parts! 

Eighths Worksheet Fractions 2 empty shapes

Once you feel like your students have grasped each fraction type, start using worksheets that mix the types! :) This is a fun one!

Color by Fractions Half Fourth Third Of

Anyway! I wanted to show you a couple worksheets from my big First Grade Math Unit 18 all about Fractions. All of these worksheets are included in my fractions unit, as well as A LOT more fun, differentiated worksheets and matching games (and assessments!) to learn fractions.

The big Fractions in First Grade blog post  I mentioned shows more pictures of the activities in that unit if you want to check it out more! blog post! If you don't teach first grade, I think you'll still find a bunch of fun ideas for your kids! All of the activities I show in that post are also in Unit 18 with these worksheets.

If you are new to teaching first grade, I highly recommend New to First Grade? Everything You Need to Know! If you're not new to first grade but teach K-2, I think it's still a great post whether you've been teaching 2 or 20 years! I packed it with info and I think it's always fun to see how someone else does/organizes thing!

I have a ton of math, phonics, classroom management, writing, and more fun blog posts if you want to keep browsing! I love sharing tips and ideas. You can see my favorite blog posts organized here! :) Look under MATH to see more fun math posts!

Thank you so much for stopping by!! :)

Winter Long Vowels Reading Practice

Winter long vowels reading practice is one of my favorite concepts of the year! Firstly, what's cuter than penguins and polar bears? Move over reading passages - these little phonics readers (books) for long a, i, o, and u are my favorite way to practice comprehension skills, long vowel patterns, and fluency all in one! 

Winter long vowels reading practice with these adorable little readers! Fun books for kids to work on comprehension, fluency, and phonics all in one!

I wrote a little reader for each vowel sound. For example, this is the Long A reader to practice the a_e sound. The a_e sound is when there is a silent E at the end of the word so the a makes the long a sound (example: lake).

Long A silent E reading practice with this fun little book filled with a_e sound words!

"Let's Skate at the Lake" is filled with words with Long A silent E for tons of practice! You could have students underline/highlight the long A words while reading. These are AWESOME for small groups reading practice! 

I love this little story and try to have a kind, positive message in each of my readers if it's possible to do so while squeezing in as many words with the phonics sound as possible. I love this one because it's a story about helping your friend when they need you and little Kate in the story gets to illustrate both kindness and friendship when a group of friends go ice skating. :)

I also made a black and white version of each book! 

Long a silent e book for kids to color! So much fun to use for centers, homework activity, reading to a partner, so many ways to practice this phonics skill along with comprehension and fluency!

Having black and white versions are wonderful for:

  • Coloring the pictures to help them feel a sense of ownership over the books (plus it's fun!) then keeping a copy (yay!) at their seats to read whenever they have extra time
  • Have their own copy to take to their seats to read to a partner or their group during centers
  • A center activity all on its own! Read and color the book, highlight/underline the words with the sound they're practicing, read to a friend, read to yourself - there are so many ways you can make these a center activity
  • Sending these home to read with their adults (They can also read to their stuffed animals like I did as a kid :) Anything you want to tell them to get them to practice them at home! They will probably be proud to bring these home to read to their family!)

Long A book in color and black and white for learning phonics sounds in fun ways! Practice fluency, comprehension, and retelling stories with these adorable printables!

I personally think it's nice to have color AND black and white versions of the same materials so that you can use the color versions at your small groups table (only printing enough for 1 small group). Then, make copies of the black and white version for everyone to have their own copy to keep. :) 

Not all students have books at home. I would also bet that, if they do, they might not have phonics readers that practice a specific skill like these, so they are GREAT to send home for reading practice at home, even for kids who have lots of books at home!

I couldn't get enough reading at home when I was a kid. I had a lot of books but I always wanted more, so I loved when my teachers let me take home books. :)

"The Penguin's Kite" is the Long I silent E book I wrote!

Long I Silent E book about a cute little penguin and his kite! Winter reading practice is so much fun with these materials for homeschooling or in the classroom during small groups!

How cute is that little penguin?? I looove penguins themed anything for winter time! 

Long i reading comprehension passages in a book instead of on a worksheet page! Way more fun!

Also in black and white, of course! These are SO fun to color!

What I love about phonics readers is that they provide SO much reading practice and are basically winter reading passages but in the form of a book! 

Each set of 2 pages when they open the book contains the text of a phonics-based reading passage, but with picture support..... and it's a story that's fun to read! So much better than a reading passage. I do love my phonics reading passages too, but I love when I can make reading a little bit more fun. 

For example, like my Phonics Fluency Puzzles! You can use them in notebooks like I show in that post or as full color puzzles. I actually made winter versions of those if you want Winter Fluency Puzzles by the way! Also so much fun!

Winter Fluency Puzzle Penguins Activities for reading practice perfect for first grade literacy centers, small groups lessons, or homeschooling support!

These aren't phonics based but I tried to make them at around what I'd expect a first grader to be able to read around winter time! Some are easier and some are a little harder so you can easily differentiate in that way. For example, the bottom puzzle in the picture above is a lot easier than the top puzzle. The top puzzle has more words, is a little longer, and has slightly harder words. The bottom puzzle is really simple. :) Kindergarten students can also enjoy these as a guided activity for practicing retelling / sequencing a story. 2nd grade students can also enjoy these as simply a fun reading activity! It's okay if it's a little easy for them and, for some of your 2nd grade students, this may be just the support they need to feel like successful readers too! :) 

They're great for a center as puzzles, a small groups activity, and the black and white versions are wonderful for students to color, read, and glue into notebooks! A fun reading lesson you can do in small groups is to simply read the top together and put the pieces together as you read and sequence the story. 

You can also build a puzzle for them and ask them which pictures are out of order - that's a fun small groups game you can play with these! Here's an example:

Winter Fluency Passages that are puzzles! Great for comprehension, sequencing, and retelling! These are around a first grade reading level (halfway through the school year) but could definitely be used in kindergarten and 2nd too!

Did you guess which ones were out of order? This is such a fun small groups game!

You can grab these cute little reading sequencing puzzles in my Winter Fluency Puzzles pack if you want them!

Anyway! Back to Winter Long Vowel Reading Practice! :)

I think my favorite book I wrote in this little pack is "A Day at Home" about a polar bear who is bored at home after waking up from hibernating. Isn't he adorable?? :)

Winter Reading Polar Bear book that practice Long O silent E words with an adorable story with a cute message!

He wakes up from his "long nap" and goes out to see if his friends are back yet who left for the winter, so it's a great way to start introducing hibernation, migration, and all that fun stuff in a cute first grade-y type of way! :) His friends aren't back yet so he tries to find fun things to do around the house by himself while he waits for them to get back.

Long O Silent E reading practice with this adorable reader in black and white and also in full color. Perfect phonics activity for winter! Love the polar bear character in this one!

Of course there's a black and white version to color too! :) This shows the color cover, but there's a full black and white version. Can you tell I have a slight obsession with cute winter animals wearing scarves and sledding? I just find it so cute!

Another polar bear character in this set is Duke! He is the main character in "The Duke's Dune" book. He doesn't want to share his dune with a group of friends sledding down hills on tubes. (What sound do you think this is? The tricky Long U silent E sound!! I LOVE finding ways to make this sound easier and more fun, because it can definitely be a bleh sound to learn if you don't have fun materials!)

Long U silent E sound phonics book to practice this vowel pattern in a super cute and engaging story about a polar bear!

I absolutely LOVE the message in this one. Like I said, I try to instill a positive message into my books and this one is about kindness and sharing. The polar bear tells the friends they can't use his dune. After he doesn't share and is alone on his dune, he sees how much fun the friends are having anyway and feels bad that he didn't let them use his dune. He tells them they can. They are super happy and invite him to tube with them and he is thrilled. I think it's a cute message about sharing and how it's so much nicer to be nice to people and enjoy what you have with friends. :)

So those are my Winter Long Vowel Books! You can grab the 4 books (there is not one for Long E because I don't personally believe that you should spend much time teaching that sound explicitly as there are so few kid words with that sound so I don't usually make anything with it) in the Winter Long Vowel Books BUNDLE!

Winter Long Vowel Books BUNDLE of cute readers for long a, i, o, and u!

You can also get them individually if you prefer! I linked each one in the spots where I talked about them above this. :) 

Here's another picture of what the black and white covers look like, since I showed the color cover next to some of the black and white books. 

First grade winter reading practice long vowel readers phonics books

I also have NON-phonics winter readers if you want more cute little stories to read with your students! If you learn different phonics sounds during winter or simply want more books, I have these:

Snowman School

Bunny Has a Fun Day

A Penguin Came to School

Toss the Snowball

The Polar Bear Cubs Love Winter

I also have a LOT of winter math activities

Winter Word Problems Worksheets

Winter Who Am I? Math Center (You may recognize this format from my big Building Number Sense blog post that shows a bunch of pictures of First Grade Math Unit 1)

Winter Missing Numbers Center (If you have First Grade Math Unit 2, you'll recognize this fun winter version too!)

If you want to see real pictures of these in action, please let me know! I'll probably write some blog posts about them eventually so check back! :)

You can also see tons of pictures of the NO PREP writing activities in my Winter Writing Crafts Bundle in my January Writing Crafts blog post! :)

I think that's enough winter fun to show you for now! I hope you loved seeing my winter long vowels reading practice ideas and can use some of them with your kids! I am going to be sharing more tips about winter math and reading in my groups! If you're not in my free Teaching Math in First Grade and First Grade Phonics groups and you teach any kids at around a first grade reading/math level, I highly recommend joining us!! :) I only approve requests that answer all 3 questions so make sure you do that if you want to join & I will see you in there! 

Thanks so much for reading!!