Digital Math Games that are SO fun!

Digital math games that are fun can be hard to find, so I created a ton of them! From kindergarten to first grade concepts... all the way to multiplication and division! I have been making digital math games that kids can play to learn math skills in a fun, interactive way.

My favorite thing about these games is that they are not only colorful and fun, but practice important math skills. Kids can play them anywhere (home, school) on a computer or tablet.... and they are self-checking! YES!! Isn't that the best? They can even grade for you and give you reports if you're a teacher / homeschooler that wants grades. :) :) You can also simply play them for fun!

The math concepts get harder as you scroll so if you teach older grades, keep scrolling :) 

You can PLAY the first 4 screens of any of the games by going to it then clicking on its full-size preview. Enjoy!!

Before and after numbers activities that are digital games for kids to play on a computer or tablet Number words 1-10 digital math game! So fun!
         Before and After Numbers to 10                        Number Words 1-10

Missing numbers 1-10 activities that are digital and so much fun!Missing numbers to 20 activity that is perfect for your virtual math centers!
                Missing Numbers to 10                              Missing Numbers to 20

Counting backwards from 20 activities you can play on a device!Missing numbers counting backwards
                Counting Backwards                                    Counting Backwards
                 from Numbers to 20                          Missing Numbers (any position)

Free Addition to 10 digital math game for first grade or kindergarten! So cute and fun!Addition to 20 digital math game in a cute apple theme!
                Addition to 10 (FREE!)                                        Addition to 20

Adding doubles activitiesAdding doubles plus one activities
                     Adding Doubles                                         Doubles Plus One

Find the missing addend activity that is so cute that kids can play on a computer or tablet - love!!Missing addends digital math activity for first grade or even 2nd to practice addition equations
            Missing Addends Sums to 10                   Missing Addends Sums to 10

Missing addends first grade gamesAddition to 10 and 20 practice with these cute digital math games kids can play to practice adding in a fun way!
           Missing Addends Sums to 10                         Addition to 10 and 20

Balancing equations first grade level for addition to 10 - perfect and easy practice to understand what the equal sign meansCommutative property of addition activity where kids balance the 2 addition equations to make them true

Subtraction within 10 practice where kids can help the cute little squirrel solve the math problems and pick the acorn with the correct answerSubtracting from 10 game for easy practice to master this important fact fluency skill.
                Subtraction within 10                                  Subtracting from 10

Subtraction word problems activities with pictures to help them solve! So cute and fun!Subtraction within 20 word problems that are games kids can play on a computer or tablet! I love these!
                Subtraction within 10                                  Subtraction within 20
                     Word Problems                                            Word Problems

Fun missing minuends game kids can play to find all the numbers in a subtraction problemMissing subtrahends digital game kids can play to practice this difficult math skill in a really fun way!
                    Missing Minuends                                      Missing Subtrahends

Missing minuends and subtrahends game!Adding 3 numbers with sums under 10 to make this hard first grade concept a lot easier! Plus it's a digital math game so kids can play it on a computer or tablet

Adding 3 numbers word problems with pictures to help kids have a fun visual for the math they are doingAdding 3 numbers missing addends where kids have to figure out the number that makes the equation true
                     Adding 3 Numbers                                    Adding 3 Numbers 
                       Word Problems                                         Missing Addends

If you want more fun ideas for teaching these Adding 3 Numbers concepts, I have a huge blog post full of fun pictures and ideas here: Adding 3 Numbers

Full lesson for Making a 10 to add that will teach this difficult concept then give practice - so perfect!Making a 10 to add strategy for first grade students to practice how to use this skill to solve bigger math problems

I am SO excited about these 2 sets for Making a 10 to Add. It is a really difficult concept to teach so I made a "Full Lesson" activity that literally walks kids through every step. If this is a concept you struggle to teach (or simply don't enjoy explaining), this activity will do it for you. I highly recommend the "Full Lesson" version so it teaches the concept then has practice at the end. If you only want practice and have taught it already, then the "Practice Only" version is great for practicing and reviewing it. I also have a big blog post for fun ideas for teaching the skill here: Making a 10 to Add if you want a ton of activities and ideas for the making a 10 to add strategy!

How many more to make ten kindergarten game where kids pick the pumpkin to fill in the addition problemMissing numbers game kids can play on a computer or table to figure out what secret number each animal is! So fun!
              How Many More to 10?                    Missing Numbers (2 Digit Numbers)

Picture graphs game kids can play on a computer or tablet to practice data analysis in kindergarten or first grade by answering questions about the graphDigital math game for graphing where kids answer questions about the graph by looking at the pictures

You may recognize these cute graphing activities from my big Graphing and Data Analysis in First Grade blog post. That's a fun post full of fun ideas for teaching graphing in kindergarten or first grade! You could use the ideas in second grade too. Graphing is always a fun one and I am excited to have digital versions of my printable resources! :)

Telling time activity of whether an activity is done in the A.M. or P.M. -  a fun way to practice this concept of time for young learnersMultiplication of numbers 0-9 practice where all the products are within 18
          A.M. or P.M. (Concept of Time)                  Multiplication of Numbers 0-9
                                                                          (Products within 18 for easy practice)

The A.M. or P.M. sort from my Telling Time blog post has been super popular so I made a digital math game for the skill! :) 

Balancing multiplication equations game for kidsCommutative property of multiplication game that is so much fun!
                 Balancing Equations                                 Commutative Property
                      Multiplication                                            of Multiplication

Division 1 digit by 1 digit game that is so cute and fun!Greatest common factor game for finding the gcf of 2 numbers in such a fun way! Kids can play this cute game on a computer or tablet as many times as you want them to!
             Division 1 Digit by 1 Digit                            Greatest Common Factor

How fun are these???? They have been so fun to make! You probably notice a lot of the concepts from my math units, so if you use those, these are a great supplement. If you don't use my math units, check out my MATH page to see an organized list of posts by concept - even if you don't use the math units, there are TONS of ideas for how to teach those math skills to your student or child at home. :)

If there are skills you would like to see me make games for, please let me know! I love making these for you.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my digital math games that are so fun post. It was fun to put them all in one place (you know how I love to organize, ha). 

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