Friday, October 17, 2014

CVC Words Roll

First of all - Happy Friday, friends!!

I have been very busy but wanted to take a second to tell you all about a reading game I LOVE.

Have you been working tirelessly on CVC words? Stretching CAAAAAT more times than you can count? You're feeling victorious (and exhausted) so you move onto short i words, then short o words, and so on. Could it be?! They're blending! They're stretching! Slowly but surely, those littles are reading! This game is a really fun review that provides A LOT of CVC reading practice that your students will love!

I present to you...

Roll and COLOR!

Awesome CVC Words centers activity that is a fun game! Kids build CVC words by rolling letter dice to create and read CVC words that they color on their center mat. Great small group game or literacy station for kindergarten or first grade!

So here's the deal...

You print out a "game board" and the 3 dice. You print the dice on the color paper it tells you to so it corresponds to the little cheat sheet in the top right corner of their paper that tells them what order to put the dice in. They'll learn it pretty fast because hey - they want to win! They'll also make sure they read the word correctly (which helps with those kiddos who see the first letter and guess!) because again, they want to win! This provides so much reading practice.

CVC Words Roll - awesome reading center!!

Cut out the dice and fold along the lines and tape to make your dice. They're super durable if you print them on card stock but I am cheap and just use regular colored printer paper and just tape them!

Once your dice are made, students roll the 3 dice to build their word.

If their word is on their game board, they color it in! There are multiple ways to do this:
1) Give each student their own game board (but that is the same as their partners) to color in how they wish so when another person rolls, they can look on their own game board to see if it is there to sort of partner check without looking at their partner's board.
2) Give each student a different game board (there are 4 below level game boards and 3 on level game boards to choose from) to increase the amount of words on game boards. This can also be done 2 different ways: they only color in on THEIR gameboard if THEY roll the word, or (so they're just as engaged during a partner's roll), they can color in the word if they have it no matter who rolled the dice.
3) Have partners use the same game board and each get a different color. For example, Student A colors in with a red crayon and Student B colors in with a blue crayon.

You can also differentiate what the goal is! It could be whoever gets a full line (down or across) first. If you do options 1 or 2, it can be whoever's board is filled first. If you do option 3, it could be who has the most colored in when the board is full. There are sooo many different ways to play - just find what works best for you and your students!

You know me, I'm all about differentiation so that's why I included easier game boards as well! There are only 12 pictures instead of 20 on the easier game boards as you can see below:

CVC Words Roll - awesome reading center!!

You can also play Roll and COVER! I included all of the same game boards in color so you can also play this as a roll and cover game. Instead of crayons/markers, you'll need something for students to use as their piece. 2 different color counting cubes (or 3 different colors if 3 people are playing, etc.) or red/yellow counters work well!

CVC Words Roll - awesome reading center!!

Students take turns rolling the 3 dice and reading the CVC word they created. Instead of coloring it, they cover it with their marker. You can play first person to get a line wins or fill the board and whoever had the most wins.

The beauty of this center is that soooo many different words can be created by these 3 dice.. whether the picture is on the sheet or not, your students are READING every time they roll. They're getting nonsense word practice as well from all the non-words they roll. I chose the letters that would make the most possible kid friendly words as well as ensured that there weren't any no-no words that could be made :) The dice combination literally makes dozens and dozens of words so it is a whoooole lot of reading practice, let me tell you! And they can play this over and over again with the same (or different if you wish) boards!

If you want your students to be more independent, I included a kid-friendly directions sheet to put in the center. It's also a good visual reminder for the color order although, like I said, they'll get it pretty quickly!


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I'm thinking of making this activity for other phonics sounds (digraphs, vowel pairs, etc.)! Do you think you'd use it? Let me know in the comments!

**Edit: I now have this for a few other sounds! Check it out here:

CVCe words roll where kids roll the dice to build words and color it in on their recording sheet if the word is on it - such a fun phonics game!

& there is also a BUNDLE of all the short vowel rolls!

OR you can get them all in a 

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  1. What a great idea, off to check it out in your store!

  2. I would love to see it with other phonics sounds!

  3. Yes! I am buying this! I would definitely use the blends and CVCC words.

  4. I would definitely use it with other sounds. It would be a great activity for morning literacy groups!

  5. I have stocked up on all of these so far and can't wait to try them out! I'll let you know after we use them if I think my kiddoes would do well with others (even though I'm sure the answer will be yes.) I have a really low group of kids that really need the extra practice with CVC words. Some of my firsties are still nailing down their letter sounds :/

  6. Do you have one for consonant sounds? Would love!!!!