First Grade Math Ideas for the Entire Year!

First grade math is all about fun and repeated practice! Well, you know what's not fun that I clearly need repeated practice with? Making collages! I am not the best :) I should've used a fancy app instead of just cramming a bunch of pictures together but since the units in my First Grade Math Units 1-9 Bundle and First Grade Math Units 10-18 Bundle are now bundled for seriously crazy savings, I thought I'd share my #collagefails with you guys of some of the goodies inside the bundles. 

This is just very few of the thousands of pages that will have your entire year of math DONE for you if you get them - all of the math concepts have worksheets that are differentiated into THREE levels and there's math stations and fun activities for every concept in the units! No more searching for things to fill in the gaps!

Kindergarten and first grade math games for center rotations and small groups for the entire year! HUGE list of fun hands on math centers and activities

Counting practice activities and so many learning numbers games for kindergarten or first grade to build number sense with fun literacy centers

Check out my post about those number sense activities here: Building Number Sense!

Super fun 2D shapes activities and 3D shapes activities to learn geometry in kindergarten or first grade math centers

Read more about my Adding 3 Numbers unit here: Adding 3 Numbers

Telling time in kindergarten and first grade is easy with these fun telling time activities and games that make learning fun and hands on for small groups or centers - there are ideas for the entire year of math!

Read more about my Telling Time math unit here: Telling Time in First Grade

Read more about my fractions math unit here: Fractions in First Grade

Place value games and activities for center rotations or small group lessons that make learning numbers a lot of fun in kindergarten or first grade

Fun place value games, crafts, and activities that are perfect for learning tens and ones and how to make numbers in first grade and kindergarten

Read more about my place value math unit here: Place Value

See what I mean??? I officially retire from collage maker.. BUT I sadly spent so much time trying to create those that I figured I had to share them anyway!

Like I said, this is just from a few of the math units that I've gotten around to taking some pictures of! There is sooo much more cramming inside these units! If you're going to get them, this is the time! Have your whole year planned and at a huge discount :) 

You can get EVERY single activity you see on this post in these 2 hugely discounted bundles:

I have a few blog posts showing some of these things in more detail like building number sense, place value, fractions, adding 3 numbers, fact fluency, making 10 to add, and telling time if you want to check them out! Like I said, these are just tiny snapshots into all the fun that's packed into these units!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and back to school time!

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